Restorative Approaches with Harmed Parties

New Hampshire Restorative Justice Training

In this training participants delve into understanding harm and needs of people impacted by crime; they explore and develop strategies for harmed party engagement in Diversion services. The training includes action planning around communication, supporting harmed parties and their choices, and tracking outcomes related to victim satisfaction with restorative justice.

Training Objectives

  • Relate our experiences to the harm and needs of affected parties and examine what it means to be harm focused in RJ
  • Explore Victim Needs and how they can change over time
  • Examine and consider how our public messaging influences a meaningful invitation to harmed parties
  • Propose Commitments NH Court Diversion can make to to Affected Parties
  • Explore guidelines around initial outreach and communication with harmed parties
  • Propose a timeline for outreach efforts and phone calls
  • Practice outreach intended to promote voice and choice for harmed party engagement
  • Develop a list of strategies to use to manage challenges
  • Plan to collect data around victim satisfaction with Diversion and restorative justice

Selected Participant Generated Training Products

This training began by inviting participants to identify personal feelings and needs during a time that they experienced harm. Below are word clouds of the feelings and needs named by participants in each of the trainings. If a word was named more than once it appears larger.

Training Materials

Training Pre / Post Survey Data Analysis

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